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Discover the Secrets of the Glass Island

Curiosities about the island of Murano

Discover the Secrets of the Glass Island Murano, a fascinating island located in the Venetian lagoon, is famous throughout the world for its long tradition in glass making. But beyond this, the island hides numerous curiosities and secrets that make its history even more interesting. In this article, we will explore some of the most intriguing curiosities […]

murano glass vase and cup

The Processing of Murano Vases: An Italian Excellence

Murano vases represent an excellence of Italian artisan heritage. This article explores the history, manufacturing techniques and creative process behind these glass masterpieces, known worldwide for their beauty and quality. History of Murano Glass The art of Murano glass has ancient roots, dating back to the 7th […]

The Murrina Objects

Murrina an Art Without Borders Explore the Fascinating World of Murrina with GV Oggettistica Murrina, a millenary art that has its roots in the heart of ancient Venice, is a unique expression of elegance and creativity. Known throughout the world for its timeless beauty, Murrina has a history rich in tradition and craftsmanship. […]

Vittorio Zecchin - Vintage '30 Candle holders Pauly & C. Murano

The history of Murano glass

Murano glass directly to your home Excellence with GV Oggettistica Original Murano Discover the ancient history of Murano glass Murano glass has been a symbol of beauty, refinement and elegance for centuries. These unique glass works of art are the result of the mastery of the glass masters of the island of Murano, located in the lagoon of […]

Timeless elegance of Murano glass

Explore the Beauty of Murano Glass with GV Oggettistica Light up your spaces with the Charm of Murano Glass Are you looking for unique and extraordinary pieces of art to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home? Do you want to own design objects that represent Italian craftsmanship and tradition? You choose […]

Murano glass murrine glasses set

Murano glasses

Murano Glasses Colored Murano Glasses, Glasses with Murrine, Murano Glass Goblets, Venetian Tipetti Discover the unmistakable elegance of Murano glasses with GV Oggettistica. Each item represents a unique work of art, masterfully crafted by Murano glassmakers. With a tradition dating back centuries, the works of Murano are famous […]

How to become a master glassmaker

There are professions that never fade, in spite of the passing of time and the advancement of technologies; among these we find the glass masters. A glassmaker is a craftsman, or rather an artist, specialized in glass processing. Being a glassmaker therefore means knowing how to cut, temper, finish, shape and assemble glass. Sara […]

How to recognize Murano glass

The excellence of Murano glass is known and recognized not only in Italy, but in all parts of the world. Unfortunately, the authentic handcrafted creations made with great passion by Murano glass masters are also the subject of numerous imitations, some of which are also quite deceptive for an untrained eye. For this reason, in phase [...]

Modern furnishing ideas in Murano glass

Murano glass is one of the characteristic symbols of our country: all the artifacts produced by glass masters contain the essence of made in Italy and represent the passion and dedication that only artisans can put into their works. Wandering through the streets of Murano it is customary to see shops that show [...]

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