Amedeo Rossetto

Master Glassmaker Murano

Amedeo Rossetto was born in Murano in the 1951 in a large family of glass blowers.

His father was a master at creating pearls (murrine) as well as his uncles.

Amedeo learns many precious secrets from his family members. Study at the Carmini, Art Institute of Venice, and then started working on the island of Murano.

The artistic atmosphere of the furnaces pushes him to personalize the acquired technique more and more, to the point of increasingly merging his love in the glass works he created.

In the 1964 he is presented with the opportunity to work in the Barovier and Toso furnace. After 6 years he moved to the Cenedese furnace where he learns new techniques from the master Busato. In the 1975 qualifies as a Master .

He specialized in filigree and Zanfirico processing following the 'ancient Venetian tradition from the 1700. From the 1990 the master Amedeo Rossetto works at the furnace Eugenio Ferro & C. 1929, producing artistic works in the special technique called "Murrina".

To form a simple murrina with overlapping concentric layers it is necessary that in the furnace there are crucibles with soft glass of different colors. A worker then takes a small quantity of glass from the first crucible on the tip of an iron rod, passing immediately afterwards to cover it with more glass taken from a second crucible.

It can thus proceed by overlapping multiple layers of different colors.

The combination of these layers of glass will form a cylinder weighing five or six kilograms.

Once made regular by rolling it over a thick plate of iron or bronze (bronze), a second iron rod is applied to the free part.

Everything then passes into the hands of two other workers, the "tiracanna", who will stretch the mash to bring it to the programmed diameter.

In this case you will get a murrina with designs in concentric circles.

However, if in some stages of processing the soft glass mash will be inserted into a mold with vertical ribbons in the shape of a flower, a star or a heart, a murrina will be obtained with a floral, star or heart pattern.

The chopsticks thus obtained (or rather the canes, to use the Murano term) are used to produce the “mosaic” pearls (or “millefiori”), plates and bowls and finally pendants.

To make the pearls it is necessary to cover the light layer of molten glass wrapped around the iron rod (core) with so many slices of these rods and compact them with simple tools while giving the desired shape.

The great talent of the master Amedeo Rossetto, makes him creator of unique contemporary artistic objects.

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