Andrea Tagliapietra

Master Glassmaker Murano

Andrea Tagliapietra he began working glass at the age of 14 years, following in his father's footsteps Eminio Tagliapietra, one of the most important masters of the Salviati & C furnace.

Becomes teacher in the 1979 after having worked as a furnace assistant for ten years; he begins to create works, expressions of style, balance that find comparisons with realizations of important masters of the twentieth century.

The master mainly performs works in a single piece characterized by wonderful chromatic nuances depicting natural chalcedony.

The "Chalcedony glass“It is a glass with colors that imitate the chalcedony stone; it is obtained by adding some metallic impurities to the molten glass at certain time intervals. This processing technique is part of the experience of only a few masters including Andrea Tagliapietra.

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