Angelo Ballarin

Master Glassmaker Murano

The family activity was born in the 1956 through the collaboration of the brothers Francesco e Mario Ballarin.

The two brothers dedicate their entire careers to creating handmade glass objects, using the ancient techniques handed down over the centuries.

Their works were the result of the use of various processing techniques, such as: grinding, engraving and glass blowing that gave rise to unique artistic works.

Currently the activity is carried out by Mario's son, Angelo Ballarin, which from an early age shows interest in this art and, attending the family atelier, decided to take the road, continuing its activity.

Angelo, ha introduced in his works combinations of bold and contrasting colors obtaining chromatic effects with a very personal touch to his style.

His creativity has led to the creation of unique and elegant objects in perfect classic muranes styleand and at the same time modern.

They are works that add a point of color in the furnishing of a home.

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