Bubacco Lucio

The master was born on the beautiful island of Murano, near Venice, in April 1957.

Commonly called the island of glass, Murano provided Lucio with the inspiration and techniques that placed him above and beyond his contemporary communes.

He has given life to an art form uniquely his using the traditional Venetian lampwork technique in which a blowtorch heats glass rods.

Lucio Bubacco is one of the select few who uses the lampwork technique for true artistic expression.

His incomparable work is proudly displayed in important private and public collections around the world.

Litvak Gallery is proud to manage the timeless works of such an unsurpassed virtuoso.

Lucio's immersion in the art of glass began when he was just a boy working alongside an old craftsman, Bubacco began to play with glass and to make small animals, beads and tablets.

At the age of only fifteen he received his license as a craftsman and began to promote Venetian souvenirs by lampwork.

In 1980 he studied anatomical drawing with the Venetian artist Alessandro Rossi.

Lucio's constant fascination with human anatomy led him to experiment and explore ways of artistic expression that transcended the technical limits of his art.

While glassblowing is aesthetically pleasing simply for the natural properties and shape of heated glass, despite lacking a real definition, Bubacco has found a way to marry these two notions, to combine detail and form, in pursuit of artistic expression. .

Bubacco's ability to give life to glass makes it in great demand; whoever has seen one of his pieces immediately understands why.

His large free-standing sculptures are hot worked and annealed in the process, this glass handling method is absolutely unique in lampwork.

The works of the master Lucio are made with flexible but fragile Murano glass rods instead of less fragile Pyrex.

Although his process makes the task of creating such beautiful art more difficult, the results speak for themselves: never has the art of glass been so realistic and magnificent.

Today Lucio Bubacco is considered a master of his craft.

His knowledge and technical experience, combined with his natural aptitude for glass manipulation and art, helped him transcend the limited confines of the “lume” process and catapult him into a world-class artist.

Lucio's work has been proudly exhibited in over forty exhibitions, from Florida to Tokyo, over the past nineteen years.

He has won numerous awards, including the famous Kristallnacht International Glass Competition in Philadelphia.

It has been written in various publications, always highlighting its outstanding achievements and unique sensitivity

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