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The beautiful ones Dishes e Murano glass centerpiece they are born by masterfully manipulating the precious glass, all original in shape, color and decoration. They are elegant handicraft objects from Murano made exclusively by hand by the best glass masters of Venice.

Unique glass plates for decorating tables and surfaces, or colored empty blown glass pockets as an ideal solution for precious gifts. The dishes and Murano glass centerpiece they are not mere furnishings, they are orglass jars made with skill and patience according to ancient traditions handed down from father to son, from master to pupil and still kept in the furnaces in which we personally supply ourselves. Thanks to a careful and expert selection of glass artefacts, which takes place directly on theisland of Murano, Our Online shop can offer the best selection of collector's items in Murano glass to furnish any room with color and sophistication.

All items in our store are in prompt delivery with express and insured shipping included in the price. The packaging is carefully handcrafted with professional materials.

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