Dario Frare

Master Glassmaker Murano

Dario Frare born in 1977 in Murano, son of Glazier Master Giuliano Frare, from a young age he began experimenting with glass.

Study atArt Institute of Venice specializing in the Glass Section and becoming a Master of Art.

During his maturation process he develops increasingly innovative glass works by idea and technique through his great manual skill.

Influenced by his father, Dario shows great interest in nature and the enchanting landscape of the lagoon.

Thanks to his technique and skill gives life to almost real animals; the colors and movements of his subjects make his works almost real.

He also dedicates himself to collections composed of miniatures meticulously treated in detail.

To his works must be added African tribal subjects, the Masai warriors, the Samurai.

Since the 2006, Dario Frare has contributed to the creation of the artist's works Aristide Najean and recently started a collaboration with glass masters like Luigi Camozzo, creating even more unique objects thanks to engraving and decoration.

Today his professional maturity and talent make him one of the emerging artists in the glass scene.

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