De Mio Giuliano

Master Glassmaker Murano

It carries out its activity in a small workshop in Murano. His works are realized through the lampworking technique.

"The Glass at Lume" is aancient art which has today reached an extraordinary and universally recognized technical-executive excellence.

With this technique, which requires a lot of manual work, objects are produced that could not be obtained by blowing in the furnace.

The objects that lent themselves most to the "light" work reached its technical and aesthetic 'apogee' during the 19th century.

They were mainly produced blown pearls, whose realization absorbed most of the manpower employed in this activity.

From their blowing and decoration derive all those objects that were widespread during the nineteenth century.

Small bottles for perfumes or salts to adorn ladies' belts, up to the refined and complex art of millefiori or figured murrine.

Il Maestro De Mio Giuliano creates complex subjects such as animals in blown glass, costume jewelery and sculptures.

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