Francesco Ragazzi

Master Glassmaker Murano

Francesco Ragazzi was born in Murano in the 1965. His family has been well known on the island for generations.

Start working for the Ferro & Lazzarini glassworks in 1981.

During his apprenticeship he acquired various processing techniques from famous glass masters such as: A. Striulli, B. Serena, G. Salmistrali, Giuliano Tosi, Oscar Zanetti, R. Bardella and the famous GIAN SIGNORETTO.

Thanks to the experience gained, it becomes known internationally and comes to receive the MAESTRO title.

In the 2004 He begins to express his personal technique, producing his Works.

Today he works at the glass factory Eugenio Ferro & C. 1929 where he is one of the most promising masters for continuing to create objects of art following the ancient traditions of Murano.

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