Gambaro & Poggi

MARIO GAMBARO was born in Murano in 1941.

The Gambaro family has always been linked to the history of glass processing.

Mario's father, Eduino Ferro, for years he was the first master of the Pauly glass factory with which he participated in 1934 at the Universal Exposition in Chicago .

The following year he founded the Vetreria Ferro e C. but his untimely death marked its closure.

Maestro Mario Gambaro was attracted from an early age to glass and above all by its great creative possibilities.

Only 13 years he began to work in his first furnace and, in a short time, he joined one of the best known masters of the island, Alfredo Barbini, in the work.

At about twenty years it becomes Teacher for the Seguso Vetri d'Arte furnace.

Here he prefers the production of blown glass called in jargon "Old murano" : chalices with dragons, filigree glasses, very fine straw-colored risers.

His ability and above all the great production flexibility they also lead him to try his hand at other techniques such as submerged and processing incalmo.

In 1974 with the brother-in-law Bruno Poggi, master from Archimede Seguso, founded the Gambaro & Poggi Artistic Glass Factory.

After almost 40 years from the creation of the company, Mario Gambaro is still the fulcrum and the engine of the glass factory with his taste and his artistic impulse.

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