Giancarlo Signoretto

Master Glassmaker Murano

Gian Signoretto in art, was born in 1962 in Venice and began to work glass with brother Pino Signoretto at the age of 15.

After 12 years of learning the working techniques in various furnaces, in 1989 he opened his own glass factory; collaborates with famous painters such as De Vittori, Martin Bradley, Licata and Valle, transferring their designs into glass sculptures.

Two years later receives the "Murano Award", won thanks to his creation inspired by Brunori's design.

During the following years collaborates in France with many artists to seek new inspirations; creates Naif works with the designer Konig.

Since 2004, Giancarlo Signoretto, collaborates as a master glassmaker with the famous glassworks Ferro & Lazzarini.

Today his creations are unique collectible art objects.

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