Giuliano Tosi

Master Glassmaker Murano

Giuliano Tosi was born in Murano in the 1950, and works in the world of artistic glass from more than 40 years.

During his fifteen-year apprenticeship, he takes many opportunities to work with prestigious Murano kilns, developing an innate artistic talent.

From that moment it is stated as one of the most accredited glass masters never limiting the expression of the infinite sense of creativity.

La characteristic of his work is the harmony of the chromatic choice, which improves the pure form of glass, made entirely by hand, with refined techniques.

Giuliano Tosi states that small imperfections in glass objects they characterize value and underlines how these unique pieces are still made along the ancient traditional techniques of glass production.

During his life he has collaborated with many important artists such as: the famous painter Vittore Frattini, with whom he created glass sculptures for Capricorno Gallery in Capri, Shubert Gallery in Milan, Studio Caparelli in London.

He collaborates for a year with the painter and sculptor Vallina Meneghini Derugna with which he creates glass sculptures exhibited in Chicago and New York.

Some of his works have been represented by art magazines such as: "Arte, Ad, Idearegalo".

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