Silvano Signoretto

Master Glassmaker Murano

Silvano Signoretto he began his career at the age of eight, in the furnace of the famous master glassmaker Alfredo Barbini.

Learned the basics of glass processing, he began working in the furnace of Gino Cenedese. During the work done at the glass factory Mazzega, begins to collaborate with important designers such as Professor De Lai.

He moved to Vetreria Seguso Vetri D'Arte and worked side by side with the great master Angelo Seguso for the designer Mario Rigatieri. From that moment the skills of the master Signoretto are sought after by famous painters and sculptors (Gigi Marcazzan, Antonella Costa, Ginny Ruffner, David Palterer, Fulvio Bianconi, Ugo La Pietra, Peter Shire, Guglielmo Renzi, Luigi Ontani and many others).

In 1989 he worked for Salviati & Co.; here he collaborates with the artist Heinz Ostegard, Alessandro Mendini and Berit Johansson.

In 1990 Silvano created the “Leonardo's Horse”, a metal structure with glass inside, initially built as a computer rendering by Ben Jakober and Yannik Hu and presented at the 45th Venice Biennale.

In 1999 Silvano opened his own glass factory.

Currently, Maestro Silvano Signoretto works full time in the furnace of Studio Berengo in Murano.

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