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GV Oggettistica: The excellence of Murano glass in our vases

I Murano glass vases blown are the ideal choice for a truly unique gift. Elegant and colorful, they give a touch of class to any room and carry the charm and excellence of the Made in Italy typical of Venice and Murano everywhere. Murrina Vases, Vintage Glass Vases, Long neck Murano vases, with gold leaf, classic, modern, piebald, tall, short, large or small.

They are all splendid works made in blown Murano glass.

Each vase has its own detail that makes it unique and unrepeatable, perfect for the joy of those who see it for the first time or for those who have the opportunity to admire it every day in their own home.

Murano Vases: Elegance and Refinement for your Home

The art of Murano glass has ancient roots and a millenary tradition that continues to amaze and fascinate. GV Oggettistica is the company that brings this wonderful tradition into your home, offering you an exclusive selection of high quality Murano vases.

Each vase is a handcrafted masterpiece, handcrafted by skilled glass masters who pass down their savoir-faire from generation to generation.

Murano vases are much more than simple containers for flowers.

They are works of art that enrich the rooms with their majestic and elegant presence. Thanks to their variety of shapes, colors and decorations, Murano vases adapt perfectly to any style of furniture, from classic to modern.

Whether you're looking for an imposing vase for a high-impact focal point or a smaller vase for a subtle touch of sophistication, you'll find the perfect fit in our collection.

Explore the Variegated Collection of Murano Vases by GV Oggettistica