Mian glassware

Murano Artistic Glassware

Furnace characterized by a long tradition.

Vetreria Mian was born in 1962 and is famous for its furnishing accessories in Murano glass.

The production of Fornace Mian is characterized by a high level of craftsmanship handed down over time. Each blown glass object is characterized by creativity and a high level of contemporary design.

From the year of its foundation until today, the values ​​they have made have not changed

Passion and beauty for style, combined with quality, have guaranteed high quality standards for years.

The production of Fornace Mian is very large.

From constant attention to the most current styles, furnishing works are created designed for different but demanding and sensitive targets to the latest trends.

The new generation of Fornace Mian consolidates collaborations with the most sophisticated and demanding designers, artists and stylists. In 2002 a new brand was founded: VIVARINI.

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