Zanetti glassware

The glassware Zanetti Murano is a family-run furnace.

Founded in 1956 by the master Licio Zanetti and handed down from father to son for four generations.

The furnace soon distinguished itself for the artistic quality of the glass sculptures by the master Licio Zanetti, and soon established itself among the most prestigious Murano companies.

In 1989 the master Licio Zanetti resigned in favor of his son Oscar, who has worked alongside him since his youth.

Today the teacher Oscar Zanetti he inherited his family's creative talent and passion for naturalistic subjects.

Oscar Zanetti follows the rigorous traditional techniques of Murano glass processing, but also pushes for design innovations.

The works of the Zanetti Murano glass factory are sold through exclusive galleries in the city of Venice and selected partners all over the world.

His fondness for naturalistic subjects is reflected in a lively collection.

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