Vintage vase with handle from the 30s, made by master Egidio Ferro (Vetreria A.Ve.M.) in Murano
Vintage vase with handle from the 30s, made by master Egidio Ferro (Vetreria A.Ve.M.) in Murano

Egidio Ferro, A.Ve.M. Murrine vase from the 30s - ( Art. 1060 )

Collectable vase

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Vase with murrine made by the master Egidio Ferro in Murano during the Years' 30.

The object comes from the warehouses of the showcase A.VE.M , now closed for many years.

Splendida antique work complete collection of warranty certificate.


Egidio Ferro

Son of Antonio, he was born in Murano in 1889 and died here in 1968.

Work for CVM. and later, in the 20s, as a teacher for the Succ. Andrea Rioda.

In 1932 he founds with some partners the AVEM (Murano Glass Art).

The first production of objects is designed, in part, by the designer Vittorio Zecchin, and is characterized by the lightness of the forms.

Over the years, the glassworks adapts to new market demands, which favor thick materials such as Pulegoso glass, or solid glass figures.

From 1939 to 1952 Giulio Radi was hired as artistic director, who will deepen the research in the field of reactions between metal oxides, will bring the use of Murrine and gold and silver powders.

Some important works of the A.VE.M. are the “Anse Volanti” vases, created by Giorgio Ferro and presented at the Biennial in the 1952.

These are works characterized by Iridescent surface and large handles obtained by heat from the body of the object.

During the 50s they collaborated with the A.VE.M. many famous artists including the painter Luigi Scarpa Croce, creator of objects with asymmetrical shape made with glass and colored murrine.


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Weight : 0,125 kg
Dimensions: 7 × 16 cm